Process Management

Camunda BPMS: describe, standardize

and automate processes of your organization

In the modern market conditions, business process management (BPM – Business Process Management) is a necessity, not a luxury. Following the chosen strategy and managing business problems efficiently is only possible when the processes are described, standardized and automated.

BPM is a business management approach which is a cycle of actions on modelling, executing, controlling and optimizing an organization’s business processes. This approach is aimed at continuous improvement of the profit receipt, management and supporting processes.



is a software package of the low-code iBPMS class that makes it possible to put the BPM concept into practice from process development to process optimization. In Camunda, it is possible to fully visualize the real business processes of any organization.

Camunda is indispensable for implementation of the following scenarios:

Process optimization
through the use of new IT technologies;

Documentation and formalization
of existing processes in order to better understand and further optimize them;

Development and implementation
of a new process;

Orchestration: a description of scenarios
for the interaction of various services.

Features of Camunda BPMS:

Camunda independently translates business processes into code and puts them into action

90% of solutions available in the market only describe business processes. Unlike them, Camunda translates your process diagram into code that launches a task cycle for employees.

Camunda supports BPMN, DMN, and CMMN standards for describing business processes

The strict semantics of these notations makes it possible to uniquely turn symbols and rules into program code.

Visual control of the process with a heat map

Enables tracking the process progress and determining the functions that should be optimized.

Open source codes and high-quality documentation

Make it possible to clearly understand how the software works, as well as quickly integrate BPMS into your infrastructure. That is why Camunda is used by 140 large companies in 18 countries worldwide.

Part of the system is free

It is possible to use part of the functionality for free, and, if necessary, buy system extensions.

Great architecture inside

The system does what is modeled in the most obvious and expected way, without unnecessary abstractions that need to be studied.

Business process life cycle in the Camunda ВРM system

Camunda solves the following problems:

Modeling: a formal description of business processes using the BPMN, DMN and CMMN standards.

Business process simulation: simulation of the behavior of business process models taking into account the influence of various factors.

Creation and management of the process logic: determination of the chains of interaction of structures and resources in the framework of solving formalized tasks, as well as decision-making rules.

Integration of various software into a single system (“orchestration”): combining various software products and their components into a single system to achieve the results of a business process.

Monitoring of processes execution: obtaining visual information about the current statuses of processes and emerging problems for making decisions on their adjustment.

The product consists of modules that perform various functions to orchestrate

and optimize the organization management processes.



detection, analysis and solution of problems within the framework of the processes that are executed. Makes it possible to see the status of business processes.



a module integrated with Modeler for documenting business processes with an extension for organizing a joint team of analysts, developers and business process owners.



monitoring of business activity, reporting, analysis of business process options.



formalization of chains of work and decision-making rules. The application enables creating the models of BPMN, DMN, CMMN processes.



a web application where executors perform tasks within the framework of a business process model embedded in the system.

What Camunda integrates with

The product integrates with other software tools to launch their functions
and/or import-export data with Java / REST API.

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